3 Facts about Laser Engraving on Metals

Laser engraving, sometimes called laser cutting or etching, is an incredible way to display a design.

It brings a design to life. And unlike other ways of designing an object, it’s outstanding because it can penetrate a surface — and therefore, permanently change it for the better.

To know more about laser engraving machines for metals, you may want to check out Fibre Engraving & Etching Machines for Laser Marking Metal. It discusses why some machines are cut-out from the standard ones.

Beyond that, here are some facts about laser engraving on metals.

1 – The Right Type of Laser

Firstly, know that there are different kinds of laser machines. Just because a machine says it can cut with a laser doesn’t mean that it works well for all applications.

Since metal is the surface you will be engraving on, you would need a laser engraver with high cutting power. Otherwise, precision and quality will be compromised.

Laser engravers with about 50W can accomplish the job, yes. But whether they can accomplish a near-perfection result is arguable.

For topnotch engraving, a machine with at least 100W is best. It can produce quality results and it can work super fast, too!

2 – The Materials

If you already own a laser engraving machine, does it mean you could start engraving on any object as you please?

Technically, you can. However, it’s recommended to choose the objects carefully first. Blasting the laser at random objects can destroy these objects.

Apart from metals, here’s a list of objects that you can work on:


    • Birch plywood


    • Thick glass


    • Wood


Meanwhile, here’s a list of objects that you can’t work on:


    • Electrical equipment


    • Polycarbonate sheets


    • Cardboard



3 – First Project

If this is your first time to do a laser engraving project, going for metal is a great choice. For one, metal has a steady and solid surface. And for another, watching laser cut through the metal is very satisfying — so much so that it can encourage you to pursue more laser engraving projects.

You may engrave on metal with something basic such as your name. Buy a small metal tag, and then engrave your name on it.

You may also download an SVG design from the internet. It’s easy and some websites offer it for free. Just make sure this design is laser cutter-friendly and comes as a DXF file type.

Final Thoughts

Laser engraving on metals isn’t difficult at all. But it sure can be overwhelming.

In case you need help, you can always head on over to YouTube. You can simply type “laser engraving on metals tutorials” to get started.