5 Characteristics of the Perfect Instagram Account for Business Owners

Business owners shouldn’t think twice about signing up for an Instagram account.

With an Instagram account, they can significantly boost brand awareness, generate new leads, and increase sales.

Here’s a discussion as to what the perfect Instagram should be like.

1 – Strategically Arranged Bio

Let’s start with the fundamentals: invest effort in creating an outstanding bio.

Since Instagram doesn’t allow lengthy bios, a line or two will do. And this means that you need to choose your words wisely.

Be concise. And use keywords that emphasize your business.

For example:

Flippers, SEO
SEO specialists & content writers

And then position your bio in the center. This makes it a notch clear and appealing.

2 – Thousands of Followers

Then make it a goal to have followers come to you. An Instagram account with thousands — if not, millions — of followers is viewed as envy-worthy.

A lot of people like having a group of followers. It’s a way for them to confirm that their posts are worth checking out.

But don’t simply buy followers — to be exact, any kind of followers. Rather, invest in the genuine ones who may be instrumental in increasing sales.

3 – Liked Posts

If you get a thousand of likes for one of your posts, it means that a thousand Instagram users like what you have to say. And, if not all, some of them are willing to invest in your business.

Like how you can buy followers, you can also buy Instagram likes from growth service providers. But make sure that these likes are from genuine people who may buy your product.

4 – Consistent Posting Schedule

Keeping up with a consistent posting schedule can be exhausting. But this doesn’t mean that you should just leave it at that.

Say NO to complaining. Use automation tools, instead.

An automation tool that serves as a schedule manager is ideal in this case. This would mean that you can upload content, and then create a schedule for auto-posting.

In fact, Fred, on Medium, likes Social Steeze. It’s #1 on his list of the best Instagram automation tools.

5 – Epic Engagement

And an Instagram account is perfect if it can pride itself with epic user engagement.

Therefore, make this happen for your own Instagram account.

A way to accomplish this is to take the time to interact with the Instagram community. View and like people’s posts, post comments, send direct messages, and follow people.

Basically, just let people know that you’re there.

Closing Statement

As discussed, an automated Instagram account can work wonders for your business. It can help you establish a solid ground and (at least) double your productivity level.

But remember that you need to hustle, too. An automated Instagram will only lead you to success if you’re on the driver’s seat.