A Review of London Fight Factory

I get it if you’re not into martial arts, so if that’s the case you can stop reading right now as today we’re going to review the world-renowned London Fight Factory and look at a few things like the training programs they have to offer, the costs of course, their online reputation, and the location they are at so stick with me.

The Classes they Offer

You will find a wide variety of fighting classes ranging from boxing to wrestling and Muay Thai to Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. They also offer special BJJ classes for kids and if you prefer you can also sign up for personal training if that’s what you require. In other words, they cover all under the sun and more, with plenty of choices you definitely won’t get bored when signing up with them. They have a total of 13 trainers so that’s quite the size for a martial arts school so I’m sure you’ll find it pleasant to work with at least a few or more of them.

How to Join Them?

Real easy, just fill out a form on their website and include a pass photo for your membership card, now if this sounds like too much of a commitment for you already they also offer a free class without any paperwork to file. Once you do sign up for either their monthly program or pay per lesson you are required to pay a fee of 30 quid initially and after that individual classes are priced at 15 pounds.

They also offer memberships in three different price categories, 65 pounds allows you to take 2 classes a week, for 85 pounds they welcome you three times a week, and if you really want to push yourself to the top they have an unlimited option for only 100 pounds a month. It doesn’t get any better than that. For students, there is a special discount program as well that waives the sign-up fee of 30 pounds. Always good to know.

Where to Find Them?

They are conveniently located in London at 19 Ebenezer Street, with an abundance of public transport it won’t be hard to find your way there and they are in an area with plenty of things to do, shopping centers are nearby and there are a ton of restaurants in the neighborhood as well as hotels and other forms of accommodation. Great if you plan to stay for a week or two and dedicate yourself in preparation of a match or otherwise.

Their Online Reputation is Rock Solid

With 148 reviewers and an average review of 4.3 stars, there is little to complain about them. There are obviously one or two people that aren’t satisfied but with the majority quite happy I don’t see how we can’t recommend this so visit their website today: https://londonfightfactory.com/, and get started!