Best Memory Foam Mattress 2015

Are you trying to buy a memory foam mattress and wondering; which the best to buy is? Do not worry: listed below are some of the best memory foam mattresses you could ever find.

1. Amerisleep Liberty Mattress

Amerisleep is a company that has grown to be known for its exclusive sleeping products. One of its best products is the Amerisleep Liberty Foam Mattress. This is a high quality yet low priced foam mattress that has been able to earn quite a number of good reviews and ratings.

One of the biggest features of this mattress is the comfort that comes as a result of its design. The mattress is coupled with a soft, plush design that offers medium resistance conformity. This offers one a slight sink and further provides great support for the back and hips. Most people who use the mattress say that it’s like sleeping on a cloud. This is due to the mattress’s great responsiveness to pressure.

If you are high on cleaning then this is the mattress to buy. The Amerisleep Liberty comes with a removable bamboo cover that is machine washable. The Amerisleep Liberty foam mattress is worth having and comes with a 20 year warranty.

Cost: Estimated at 1000 dollars

2. Sarah Payton Memory Foam Mattress

This is also a cool sensation mattress that focuses on relieving strenuous pressure on the back and neck. It is quite an ideal memory foam mattress that is praised for its durability, comfort -ability and affordability.

The Sarah Payton memory foam mattress is quite dense with a density of four pounds. This works at providing an ideal level of comfort during sleep. The mattress is also characterized by support points and pressure relief points.

The material cover of the mattress is a feature that most people love. The cover is made from a velour material which gives one a velvety feel. The velour material is also 100% hypoallergenic which prevents irritation of the skin in bed.

The velour cover of the Sarah Payton mattress also works wonders by protecting your mattress from spills and various body odors.

An added advantage of the mattress is the two pillows that come with it. These pillows help in complementing the support of the memory foam.

Cost: Estimated at 450 dollars

3. Silver Rest Luxury Grand

The Silver Rest Luxury Grand is a memory foam mattress designed by NASA technology. We all know that NASA is associated with the best of innovations and technologies; be assured that this is a great mattress to have.

The Luxury Grand only comes in king mattress size. The mattress has a layered construction making up seven layers of foam. The purpose of the layers is for providing support and ensuring durability.

The mattress also features a cover that is quite practical with an aesthetic purpose. The cover is characterized by a satin like material with a soft gold look on the edges. The end result of this is pure luxury and elegance.

The only downside to this mattress is that it does not come with great warranties like many others. However, if you are a big fun of NASA products, this is an aspect you would be willing to overlook.

Cost: Estimated at 800 dollars