Causes Of High Employee Turnover

One of the biggest costs that organizations incur is hiring. It even gets worse when you train an employee, and after one year or a few months, you have to replace him or her and train another person. Many companies suffer from high employee turnover, and this derails their progress. As an organization, you can either take up the role of hiring or outsourcing the same to an agency to do it on your behalf. It consumes time and money irrespective of the approach that you decide to use. The following are some of the reasons that lead to high employee turnover

Lack of growth opportunities

Your employees want somewhere that they can become their best and explore their hidden abilities. You cannot expect to have the same receptionist for like ten years and expect that person to feel motivated. Create an enabling environment that shows that you care for your employees. You can also enroll them in programs that will let them learn new things and explore what the world has to offer. You can also give them time off to further their education or acquire new training that is essential for their growth. Strike conversations with them and seek to know where they see themselves in let us say five years.

Poor working conditions

The state of your workplace has a direct impact on the productivity of your employees. You have to invest in an ergonomic office if you want your employees to have fewer sick days per year. Using the wrong chair and desk can result in various health complications such as neck and back pains. The productivity of your employees also suffers when they do not have the right pieces of furniture at the workplace. Ensure the office is also well aerated and safe for human survival.

Lack of recognition

We are emotional beings, and it thus means that we feel good when our efforts are appreciated. If you are the kind of boss that wants to take all the credit for good performance, then you should realize that you are hurting your employees. Do not be the kind of person who wants the association with excellence, whereas you lay blames on others when things go wrong. Ensure that you base your promotion on merit and avoid discrimination in the place of work. You can also come up with a reward system that recognizes hard work among the members of staff.