Choosing Bluetooth Speakers for the Outdoors

When the weather becomes warm, most of us prefer heading outdoors to get a little bit of sunshine. But it becomes better when we have some music while lying on the lounging chair by the pool. Instead of cranking up the volume on the speakers in the house, it is wise to get some Bluetooth speakers for this purpose.

Getting these speakers is not a tough task because there are thousands available on Speaker Digital; the real problem is when choosing the perfect model to suit your needs.

The Connection

It depends on the kind of devices you want to pair the speakers with. Manufacturers have come up with a lot of features that you can make use of. For instance, some can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device, while others are meant to connect to a single device configuration such as the iPhone.

Choose the speakers depending on the connectivity so that you don’t have a problem connecting and using the speakers.

For connectivity purposes, you need to understand the distance away from the device. For instance, some speakers can grab the signal up to 10 meters, further away and the signal disappears. Understand the distance the signal can cover before you choose the outdoor Bluetooth speaker.


You need Bluetooth speakers that can work in the outdoors, complete with its harsh environment without breaking down soon. First, make sure the speakers are waterproof. These speakers are designed to be waterproof up to a certain depth, while others can blow up at the mere contact with water. Consider this when making a decision, because once in a while a splash in the pool might throw water onto the speakers.

Battery Life

These Bluetooth speakers make use of batteries so that you can use them at a location far from the house. The battery packs vary in terms of how long they last. Some last for 5 hours or less, some more. Make sure you determine the role you want the speakers to play and for how long you will have them running before you make the decision to purchase.

It is good to have a separate battery pack for this role, especially when you decide to move with the speakers the whole day.

Final Consideration: The Cost

These speakers come with different features, which in turn determine the price. The features include the size, the range, and the number of speakers. Choose a speaker depending on the size of the speaker and your budget as well.