Definitive Guide to Choosing a Tactical Vest

Tactical vests are specifically designed for law enforcement officers and military personnel in order to help them have stronger protection layers.

They have pockets as well as compartments for holding their weapons and equipment, allowing easy access. With their convenient structure, tactical vests are available in different kinds and customizable designs.

Purposes of tactical vests

Perhaps the most functional use of tactical vests is to protect people against unexpected injuries while hunting. Tactical vests were originally designed for outdoorsy people and sports enthusiasts, but there are now vests that are bought purely for paintball and for hunting and fishing.

In addition, tactical vests are used by law enforcement officers and military people to help them carry supplies mostly consisting of knives, bullets, flashlights, medical supplies, and even smartphones.

Then again, outdoorsy people use these vests for their traps, bullets and small weapons. Ultimately, tactical vests are specifically designed to carry everything hunters would need that might be easily retrieved whenever needed.

Other people who use tactical vests are first responders who need easy access to various kinds of bandages as well as other diagnostic tools and medical supplies. Photographers and journalists also use tactical vests as they help them carry vital equipment like notebooks and cameras for collecting some useful data.

How do you select the best tactical vest?

Here are essential factors to consider when looking for the best tactical vest:

With the huge variety of tactical vests out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices. With these options, picking the best vest all boils down to its functionality, versatility and comfort.

Since everyone has a different type of body shape, the following vests also offer levels of comfort relative to your body structure.

Types of vest

Chest rig

This kind of vest is popular for its completely customizable functionality. In addition, it’s small, lightweight and useful for mobile situations.

It doesn’t come with pouches but comes in many different colors.

Plate carrier

Like a chest rig vest, a plate carrier is totally customizable. It comes with pouches and can support its inside armor on all the sides.

While the plate carrier isn’t as versatile as the cross-draw or chest rig vest, it’s bigger than the two.

Cross-draw vest

Specifically made to be strong for use and fit, cross-draw vest comes with extra pouches.

While it isn’t customizable, this vest lets your sidearm sit right on the vest. Cross-draw vest is also known to be reasonably priced and is perfect for unplanned occasions.

All in all, the right kind of tactical vest for you will depend on what you’re planning to do. For example, if you’re in the military or law enforcement, the best choice would be a plate carrier as it covers your entire chest while letting you configure its pouches freely.