Do You Know How to Wear a Three-piece Suit?

You must have seen Justin Timberlake rocking a three-piece suit, right? David Beckham is an enthusiast of three-pieces as well. These fashionistas indeed look elegant in their suits – because they know to wear them. If you haven’t learned the rope yet, here’s what you should know when it comes to dressing in three-piece suits.

Wear a Single-breasted Suit

Picture this; you’ve just unpacked your professionally tailored, double-breasted suit with a waistcoat. When you wear it, however, you discover that your double-breasted jacket covers your entire waistcoat. To avoid such a scenario from happening, always wear a single-breasted coat.

Your Waistcoat’s Bottom Button is Better Left Undone

If you know a thing or two about three-piece suits, then you must have heard of what is popularly known as King Edward VII waistcoat rule. Even though there’s no clear explanation as to why you should leave the bottom button of your waistcoat undone (according to the rule), fashion experts say that it prevents bulging and wrinkling of the button.

Ensure That Your Waistcoat Doesn’t Cover your Trouser’s Belt Line

To look stylish, be sure to wear your waistcoat in a way that creates a long, straight line from the top of your coat down to your pant’s ankle line. Thus, make sure that your shirt remains tucked in and that it is not visible between your coat’s base and the belt line. Besides, you don’t need to wear a belt if your waistcoat and trousers fit correctly. In any case, you should wear your three-piece suit with suspenders whenever possible.

The Length of Your Waist Coat Should be Modest

There’s no point in wearing a long waistcoat. As a rule of thumb, you should ensure that your pants fit relatively well around your waist. The idea here is to prevent your coat reaching too low and by extension preventing a long torso.

Strike a Balance Between Simplicity and Complexity

A three-piece suit, unlike a two piece one, is somewhat “showy.” You should, therefore, consider matching yours with a solid colored shirt or tie. That way, you can draw attention to the stylish layers of your jackets and waistcoat.

The Bottom Line

Your quest to look good and trendy in a three-piece suit starts by choosing the right quality. After all, you want to remain stylish. Speaking of style if you’re scouting for 2017’s best custom 3-piece suit – SuitsForMe is the site visit!