Gift Ideas for The Dog Loving Dad

To say that a dog is man’s best friend is pretty accurate. If your dad loves his dog, then pampering his dog could be one of the nicest Father’s Day or birthday gifts he could ever receive.

It’s a well-known fact that dogs are good for the emotional and physical well-being of humans. Just having a dog around as a friend and petting it has therapeutic benefits.

If you aren’t sure what to get your dog loving dad, here are 6 ideas to get you started:

–One. A digital photo album. What a nice conversation piece for your dad to keep on his desk at home or at work, or on his bedside table, or even next to his easy chair. Most people are proud to show off their dogs. A digital photo album is a great way to do this. Just collect some favorite photos of his dog, then put them in the digital photo album. A related idea is to get his favorite photo and have it blown up to movie poster size, then framed.

–Two. A goodie basket. This is an awesome idea for any dog loving dad. Fill the goodie basket with doggie treats, a new collar, dog tags, a Frisbee, a ball, gourmet dog food, a cute hat, and an assortment of toys that your dad and his dog can play with. Use a doggie bed or a dog carrier for the basket itself.

–Three. A gift certificate to the groomer. Maybe your dad is the do-it-yourself type who bathes, brushes, and clips his dog instead of taking it to a professional groomer. Why not treat both of them with a special trip, on the house?

–Four. A trip to a dog spa. This is the ultimate gift for the dog loving dad. Maybe your dad has never even heard of a dog spa before, but if he’s into dogs, he’s bound to be open to the idea, just so he can enjoy the sight of his beloved dog being so pampered. At the spa, his dog can expect to be fed, bathed, groomed, massaged, receive a pedicure, and lots of love and attention.

–Five. If your dad’s dog is fairly new and needs a shock collar to help train him on boundaries, then here at Dog Shock Training, you’ll find the best advice in the form of shock collar and training reviews.

–Six. A vacation package for your dad and his dog, which includes hotels that accommodate pets. This way, your dad doesn’t have to worry about leaving his dog behind when he goes on vacation. He can take his canine companion with him.