How To Use Instagram As A Musician

Music ranks among the most competitive industries that one can venture in even though many artists are making it big in the scene. In the old days, most artists depended on record labels and promotional companies to market their music. Times have changed since then, and the new technological advancements and internet age has made marketing very easy. Artists can now record their music on a freelance basis and take charge of the marketing bit. Marketing on social media has been one of the most effective approaches. The following are simple tips on how to effectively market your music on Instagram

    1. Have a professional profile

Most artists find it hard determining what to post on social media and what can work for their brand. You have two faces where one displays you as an artist while the other one deals with your personal life. You should know the limits of your personal life and that of your brand. Fill in the bio section with everything that concerns your life as an artist. You can put external links in the bio section to increase exposure of your brand. Such links can be to your music, YouTube channel or even your website.

    1. Create engaging content

There are thousands of underground musicians who have never had the chance to showcase their talents. Instagram is the perfect platform for such artists who cannot break through bureaucracies in the media space and get airplay. You just need to master the art of social media marketing and how to engage your customers. Sometimes you can sponsor your posts to increase their visibility and reach out to potential customers. You can take advantage of various features such as filters and stories to make your content stand out from the rest. Develop a theme that makes it easy for customers to identify your brand.

    1. Grow your profile

You can use Instagram to increase your revenue through promoting your videos on the platform. You can monetize your YouTube channel and promote your videos on Instagram. The high number of followers increases the chances of views and thus more money. You can follow influencers in your space to increase chances of gaining more followers. Remember also to check out Fred Harrington’s blog for some cool ways to automate your Instagram marketing process.

Social media marketing has taken some upcoming musicians to higher levels. Develop a strategy and post content that adds value to your followers.