Making Next Fathers Day Truly Special

Every June there is that tradition known as Father’s Day, when kids show their dads just how much they care. It’s a special occasion that fathers and children always look forward to Instead of trying to top last year’s present, or splurging on an elaborate gift you really can’t afford, why not think outside the box when it comes to choosing gifts for your dad? They may be more memorable than the ones you spend tons of money on.

When you think about it, the best memories you have are the ones that really don’t involve money. When you look back over your life with your dad, neither of you are going to remember how much money was spent or what kind of presents you gave him. Both of you are going to remember the time you spent together, so if you’ve lived a busy life in recent years and haven’t spent as much time with your dad as you like, maybe the gift of time will be the nicest one of all.

If you need some ideas on what you and your dad can do with this time together, here are a few suggestions:

–Spend the day with him. This is how you give your time. Cancel all your plans and clear your schedule. This alone will show your dad you care, but you can make him feel even more special by doing some enjoyable things together that you may not have done for a while, like fishing, hunting, shopping, visiting museums, attending a concert, seeing a movie, or dining out.

–If you’re looking for something new, then do something new that neither you nor your father has ever done before. Maybe it’s hiking, walking through a cave, going to the opera. Whatever it is, try to find something that you both could be interested in.

–Give him a gift certificate to his favorite store or restaurant, maybe for a cuisine he has never tried before.

–If he likes to travel and is into wine, take him on a wine-tasting tour, or give him a gift basket of wine-related goodies, like vintage wine menus, a wine rack, an antique corkscrew, etc.

–If he’s into animals and nature, why not consider a pet he’s never had before, like an exotic fish, or something simple like a rabbit, turtle, or cat. Some pets are more high maintenance than others, so choose a pet that suits your dad’s lifestyle and budget.

–If he’s handy with tools, consider giving him one he’s never had before, or even a new toolbox to store them all in. Review sites can be helpful when determining which tool chest to purchase, because customer reviews, taken as a whole, cover different angles, from durability to looks.