The Right Can Opener For You

You wouldn’t think that choosing a can opener could be difficult, but there are so many options on the market today, it can be a little challenging.

But selecting a can opener doesn’t have to be a problem. It’s very simple when you ask yourself,

“What do I need in a can opener?”

Your answer is going to be different, depending on what your needs are and what you’re looking for in a can opener.

For example, if you’re an older person, or a person with weaker hands due to arthritis, injury, or other problem, you may prefer an electric can opener to one you turn by hand. Of course there are differences in hand-turn can openers too. Some are a lot easier to turn than others.

Or you’re into décor and all of your appliances and gadgets have to match in a feng shui kind of way.

How to know which one to choose?

One way is to visit product sites and look for customer reviews. Customer reviews can tell you a lot about the product if you yourself have never used it. Most customers are frank about their experiences, and that’s what you want before making a purchase.

You want to know things like this:

How easy it is to turn the handle? How easily does rust build up in the moving parts? How easy is it to clean? is it durable? Is it worth the money? Would the customer buy it again?

Another way to judge a can opener is by trying one out from a friend. This way you can get a hands-on experience before dishing out a lot of money. Yes, some can openers are more expensive than others, especially those with extra features that you may or may not need, like a knife sharpener, a bottle opener, etc.

Some of the cheaper hand-turn can openers don’t last very long, and you find yourself having to replace them often, either because they break, or stop turning due to a buildup of rust or food particles. It isn’t hard to clean a can opener, but some people would rather throw one out and buy a new one.

Some of the more expensive can openers, especially the electric ones, can last nearly a lifetime, with proper cleaning and maintenance. There is no good reason to replace a can opener that’s in proper working condition, but some people do. Some people like to change the décor of their kitchen, or want one with modern features, or just get tired of the same old thing.

Whichever can opener you go with , make sure it’s one that fits your needs in the kitchen.