Tips to Ease Neck Pain

It is safe to say that we have at one point or another woken up with neck pain or recall a time when we had a neck injury that caused us excruciating pain. The neck is made up of muscles, ligaments and tendons, usually referred to as soft tissues, all which are in and around the cervical spine.

There are various causes of neck pain including an underlying neck pain or injury. At times the pain might be caused for no identifiable reason at all. Whether the pain is due to an underlying cause or any other reason, you need to find a way to ease the pain fast.

Change Your Pillow

In terms of support and comfort for your neck, as you sleep, you need to choose the right pillow for your neck. As a general rule, go for a pillow that offers the right kind of support and keeps your spine in a neutral alignment. This means the pillow needs to support the natural curve of the neck when you sleep.

Choose the right pillow size that gives you the comfort you desire as well as the support that you need.

With so many options on the market, you won’t go wrong in picking the right one.

Stay Hydrated

The vertebral discs in the spine require maintaining the right disc height and spinal alignment to reduce the pressure on your spine. What you didn’t know is that each spinal disc is made up of 80 percent water, and this ratio increases as you grow older.

Over time, the loss of water leads to degeneration of the disk, and you need to be sure that you maintain a steady supply of water to your body so that you can prevent further degeneration. Remember that one of the causes of degeneration of the discs is poor hydration.

So, make sure you take the right amount go water each day. Carry with you a bottle of water to serve as a reminder to keep hydrated.

See a Therapist

It is common for you to think that seeing a therapist is all about aiming at treating the symptoms that come from a certain injury, but this isn’t the case – visiting a therapist can identify the secondary causes of pain and teach you how to reduce the risk of getting a subsequent injury. Additionally, the therapist helps you strengthen the weak areas of the neck through the use of targeted exercises.

Make Ergonomic Adjustments

You need to adjust your workstation to make it easy for you to work. First, position your computer monitor at eye level so that you see it. Additionally, go for an ergonomic seat that is made just for your kind of body, which will make it easy to support your body when you sit.

Remember one of the causes of neck pain is lack of proper support for the neck. If the chair doesn’t come with head support, then go for a neck pillow for the same.

Use Traction

Cervical traction is all about treating neck pain and any related injuries. It involves pulling the head away from the body to allow for expansion and eliminate any damage caused by compression. There are various kinds of traction devices that you can use. Studies, however, show that a neck hammock can work really well for this condition.

In Closing

Neck pain can be nagging as well as debilitating. Take time to understand the cause of the pain and find a solution to it. The good thing is that you have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to relieving neck pain.