Top 4 Superfruits for Your Nutrition

Do you ever get the feeling of being unhealthy from taking too much junk? Fruits are one of the best food sources to boost that, plus they have this magnificence associated with them. Also, there is a list of 41 super fruits that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the CDC, produced, and this article looks at the best four among them.

Top 1: Lemon

You may find it surprising that the topmost nutritious fruit is in fact, lemon. This sour fruit that people often dislike consuming by itself is quite nutrient-dense. Completely packed with fiber and vitamin C, lemon is capable of relieving constipation, indigestion, and even throat infections. However, you must avoid consuming the fruit itself daily since it quickly wears the coating of your teeth.

Top 2: Strawberry

Below lemons comes the healthiest berry which is the strawberry. Strawberries are ridiculously healthy since these contain more vitamin C than even citrus fruits and ridiculous amounts of potassium. Furthermore, these have high antioxidant and flavonoid content, thus lowering risks of diabetes and heart disease.

Top 3: Orange

Similarly, oranges have high vitamin C and potassium, as well as rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. However, oranges contain more carbohydrate and overall calories than strawberries, so that is its downside. Although, one should consider taste as the most important factor when deciding between oranges or strawberries. After all, what is the point of consuming a fruit you do not enjoy?

Top 4: Lime

Limes are also rich in vitamin C and are slightly lower than oranges when it comes to nutrient density. Despite being in the same citrus family, limes have a different taste compared to oranges, and you may even combine them with coconut juice for a refreshment. In fact, you can mix lime juice with various drinks as a versatile, healthy additive.

Mixing Different Types of Fruits

If you intend to acquire the best nutritional benefit, why not combine different fruits? You may consume them as juice, shake, or even as a smoothie. Furthermore, you may wish to purchase a juicer for juice-making while you may opt for blenders if you prefer producing shakes and smoothies, and if you do not want to miss out on information regarding these, then click here. Choose among the three depending on your taste, but you may also consider nutritional content. Juice is less rich in fiber and nutrition, but is lighter on your stomach, while shakes and smoothies are heavier but packed with nutrients.


You may choose from these four superfruits if you think that your nutritional intake requires a boost. Furthermore, if you crave for new flavors and wish for more nutritional benefits, you may combine fruits either by blending or juicing.