Ways to Keep your Ceremony Unique

You have to plan your wedding well. Of course, you want everything to fall into place perfectly. The following tips will help you get started the right way.

Get a Good Wedding Singer

You must make sure that your guests remain on their feet during your big day. Besides, you want some of your favorite songs played so you can boogie on the dance floor throughout the evening party. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to hire a wedding singer to provide the entertainment.

Even then, don’t settle for any singer who comes your way. You need to be sure that the person has what it takes to bring in the wow factor into your ceremony. Go for one with years of experience. Look to see if the person has other skills such as emceeing or deejay-ing. Yes, the quest to make your ceremony unique start by getting TheWeddingSinger!

Be Creative

You can decide to combine various wedding practices into your ceremony. If you opt for a traditional union, for instance, you can do it with it with a little mix of modernity.

If you decide to have an Irish setting, it is a good idea to choose to have music that has an urbane feel played instead of going for the traditional dance. A song like Westlife’s “My Love” is an excellent pick; urban yet with a classic Irish feel. The same goes for the food and drinks.

Change the Dress Code

You can also wear wedding attire that is different with what is typically the norm. There is no harm, for instance,  for couples having a Western or an Asian type of wedding have an African dress code for the day – and this doesn’t mean hides and skins.

The bride and the bridegroom can use high-quality fabrics made in attractive African designs. These include the traditional Nigerian dress which is not only magnificent but also offers you the luxury of trying many colors as part of the wedding color schemes.

See, having an African wedding attire can be a nice addition to the ceremony since their culture is one of the most colorful in the world. When seeking to adopt a dress code from a different country, it is advisable to get well acquainted with how it works. That way you will not mix up things and fail to capture the uniqueness that you intended to the first place. You can even consider having members of different cultures form part of their bridal party to help spruce up the event.

The Bottom Line

It isn’t hard to make your wedding memorable. You only need to think out of the box. Of course, there is no problem with trying something new. You can even hire a creative team to come up with ideas. Even then, make sure that you don’t go to the extreme. The idea is to make your ceremony unique. The last thing that you want is to get people talking about how “weird” your wedding turned out to be.