What is the difference between the Americano and espresso?

It is rather difficult for the person who has never drunk a coffee to decide on the choice: what type of coffee is the best to choose! In addition to this headache, the distinction between them is not always clear. For example, the Americano and espresso. Let us try to understand.

What are an Americano and espresso?

Americano – a type of rather weak drink because of the ground coffee grains.

Espresso – a type of the strongly concentrated drink based on the coffee preparing in the coffee machine, at the same time hot water under big pressure is passed through the grounded coffee grains.

Comparison of Americano and espresso.

The fact is that espresso is used for the preparation of every type of coffee. Therefore, to receive the correct cappuccino, latte, Mocha or an Americana, it is necessary to cook first the correct espresso; same what it was invented at the beginning of the 20th century by hot Italians.

The grinding of grains is of very great importance for espresso. It should be neither too small, nor too rough. It is possible to prepare the best espresso, having ground grains just before preparation of the drink. Espresso served in especial small cups from 50 to 65 ml. It is poured often only to a half, it is obligatory in previously warmed up ware. That is the volume of the drink makes about 25-35 ml. Espresso has to be served at once after preparation as it has property very quickly “exhaust”, lose the aroma and taste. That is why the choice of the cup always very important. If you want to find the best one, visit mydemitasse.com. It is placed, where the best espresso and cappuccino cups are reviewed.

Therefore, in Italy where espresso is very popular, it is often drunk directly near a bar counter that temperature of fragrant liquid did not fall lower than 75-85 degrees. It is desirable that coffee was served in a cup with thick walls – so it will longer remain hot. If the waiter brought you warm espresso, you have full authority to ask to replace it.

On espresso existence of a skin, or, in Italian, “cream” is obligatory. The skin keeps on espresso at least 2-3 minutes and is completely restored even after hashing of drink by a spoon.

The Americano coffee has two cooking methods: the American (in the coffee maker with the filter) and European (espresso just mixes up with hot water). In addition, the European type is divided into two subspecies: classical Italian – when espresso is added to the boiling water and Swedish – when espresso joins a cup with boiled water. In the first case the skin collapses, and here in the second – remains same dense, as well as in usual espresso.