What to Consider When Buying Beanbag Chairs

Beanbag chairs were invented in 1969. The first beanbag was made in Italy by three designers namely Paolini, Gatti, and Teodora. Since then, better versions have been invented for use both for indoor and outdoor relaxation. Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing a beanbag chair for your home.

The Size

Beanbag chairs are available in a wide range of sizes. It is important to select the right size for your home depending on where it will be placed and whoever will be using it. If you are buying the chair for kids, you need to go for smaller ones. Some beanbags are large enough to accommodate more than one person. These can be used in the living room in the place of the sofa. Smaller beanbags can be placed in the children’s’ room or at a corner to complement other furniture in the living room

The Type

The type of beanbag is defined by its shape and fill. A beanbag chair may be teardrop-shaped or lounge style shaped. A teardrop beanbag is ideal for upright seating. It is made for one person. On the other hand, a lounge shaped bean bag chair is round in shape, supports reclined seating and can accommodate more than one person.

The Fill

The fill of a beanbag chair determines its firmness and softness. You can select a beanbag that is filled with beads if you want a firmer chair. However, if you need a highly cushioned bag and one that conforms to your body, consider getting a foam-filled beanbag chair. Foam is more advantageous than beaded chairs because it does not compress over time and thus does not need to be refilled.

The Lining

While some beanbag chairs come with a liner, others do not. The liner is in the form of a sack that allows you to cover the chair for protection. You can easily remove the cover, wash it and replace it if need be.  Beanbag covers are available in a wide range of materials including leather, vinyl or a mix of two or more fabrics. Most of these fabrics are stain resistant and breathable.

The Comfort

Most homeowners love beanbags because of the level of comfort that they offer. In case you need one for your lounge, consider getting a foam-filled type to ensure maximum relaxation. You can also consult the website Bean Bag Best to get customization of the available options to ensure you get one with the kind of comfort that you need.

In Conclusion

One good thing about beanbag chairs is that they are safe for kids. They do not have sharp corners and children can jump on them without being injured. If you have children, you can remove the zipper on the chair cover for added security.