Workout Using A Recumbent Bike The Right Way And You Will Love The Results

Do you want a healthier life? Do you want to look better, to be more toned, to say bye-bye to cellulite and have a well-defined body? If the answer is yes, you have to start learning about the recumbent bikes and if you decide to purchase one, you will never be disappointed.

On, you can learn everything you want to know about the recumbent exercise bikes. Which are the best models, what are they best for, how to choose your perfect bike, everything is here and you will know the answer to every question about the recumbent bikes that you can come up with.

After you are well informed, it comes the moment when you have to choose the bike. This isn’t such a hard job if you did your homework and the machine you will choose will be the start of a new you, of a better and healthier life.

And here comes the next question: how do I use it?

A recumbent bike is a piece of cardio equipment which works your entire body at the same time. You have the pedals for the legs and the handles for working your upper body. There are many types of exercises, but if you know a few principles, you will know how to use it in an efficient way.

First of all, you have to understand the fact that even if you stay down, in a semi-reclined position, the recumbent bike can be very efficient if you do the exercises in the right way. Your position has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the exercise, if you do everything by book, the calories will start burning and you will start seeing the differences in the mirror.

The correct intervals of exercising

The exercises are short, but very intense and they will make all your muscles work extremely hard. The secret is to alternate the intense and short periods of exercises, with longer periods of lighter exercises. It’s like alternating walking with sprinting and the results will be impressive.  The more intense periods should have about 30 seconds and the cool-down about one minute. You can keep the ratio 1:2 and increase the intervals as your endurance increases.

The correct structure of a workout

Start with a warm-up of about 5 minutes and then you can increase the resistance and the speed. The maximum intensity you should select is about 95% of your maximum endurance and you should keep it like this for about 30 seconds. Decrease the intensity for one minute and start over again.